PROCES 025 - Vanitas

PROCES 025 - Vanitas

PROCES 025 - Vanitas

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29. led 2024 (14:00 - 18:30)

DAMU, Karlova, Old Town, Czechia

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Učebna R405

Early morning light breaks through a window, gently illuminating a table laden with fruits, meats, candelabras and gilded plates. As you watch the scene, a maggot wiggles its way through the skin of an apple, while the dark eyes of a skull watch you from the background.

Vanitas is an exhibition of sound compositions created by the first year students of MA DOT and our Erasmus colleagues. The compositions explore the themes of death, decay, daily life and mortality as derived from the 17th century ‘Vanitas’ genre of still life paintings.

Charlotte Louise Wood, Genna Leung, Christina Maria Ulrich, Lukas Roth, Hiva Amini, Sofija Bičič, Brina Jenček

pedagogický garant: Lukáš Jiřička

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