Pravčice gate & the Falcon’s Nest
Pravčice gate & the Falcon’s Nest

Pravčice gate & the Falcon’s Nest

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May 22, 2024 (8:00 AM - 6:00 PM)
Pravčická brána, Hřensko

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The Pravčická Gate has stood in its place since time immemorial. It is the result of millions of years of weathering in the less resistant part of the rocky massif, composed of sandstones from the Turonian period.
In the early days of exploring the beauty of the Pravčická Gate, a small bark-covered cottage stood at its base, serving as a pub. The access road from Hřensko, known as Pelagiensteig, was paved by the late 70s of the 19th century, and at that time, a promenade path was also built towards Mezní Louka.
In 1881, the owner of the estate, Prince Edmund Clary-Aldringen, had a recreational castle called Sokolí hnízdo (Falcon's Nest) built near the Pravčická Gate. He invited workers from Italy for this purpose for a simple reason—they were the cheapest labor force. The entire castle was built in just one year, which is almost a record time given its size and the period in which it was constructed. A few years later, railings were built on the rocky viewpoints in the immediate vicinity.
Shortly after the restaurant was built, an entrance fee began to be charged for access to the area.
The Pravčická Gate is the largest natural rock gate on our continent, a national natural monument. It is considered the most beautiful natural formation in the Bohemian Switzerland region and serves as the symbol of the entire area.
From the entrance to the area, well-maintained paths and staircases lead to various viewpoints, where you can observe the Pravčická Gate itself or enjoy impressive views of the nearby and distant surroundings.
Since its "discovery" for tourism, millions of people have visited the Pravčická Gate. Among many famous personalities, the renowned fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen admired its charms twice—in 1831 and 1851. It is undoubtedly clear that he also drew much inspiration for his work from this place.

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