Understanding the Duration Getting Dental Implants
Understanding the Duration Getting Dental Implants

Understanding the Duration Getting Dental Implants

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Sep 4, 2023 2:30 PM - Dec 30, 2023 1:30 PM
House of Hiranandani Unit #2 & 3, Gateway House, 5/63, OMR, Egattur Village, Thalambur Post, Chennai-600130

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Introduction: Navigating the Timeline The journey to dental implants is a transformative process that unfolds over time. Dr. Prem, an authority in dental care, elucidates how long it takes to get dental implants, providing insights into the stages and factors that influence the duration of this life-changing procedure. cost of all on 6 dental implants
**1. Initial Consultation and Planning Assessment and Planning The journey begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health, including X-rays and scans, to determine your suitability for dental implants.
Customized Treatment Plan Your dentist, like Dr. Prem, creates a personalized treatment plan that considers your restoration goals and unique anatomy.
**2. Surgical Preparation Preparation and Anesthesia On the day of the procedure, local anesthesia is administered to ensure your comfort during implant placement.
Gum Incision and Implant Insertion The surgeon makes a small incision in the gum to access the jawbone and precisely places the implant.
**3. Osseointegration and Healing Integration Period Following implant placement, a healing period is required, typically spanning several months, during which osseointegration occurs—the process of the implant fusing with the jawbone. all on 6 dental implants cost
Sustained Oral Hygiene Maintaining proper oral hygiene practices, including regular brushing and flossing, is essential to prolong the lifespan of your dental implant.
Conclusion: Dr. Prem's Expert Insight Dr. Prem's expertise guides you through the journey of getting dental implants, providing a clear understanding of the duration and stages involved. With each step meticulously orchestrated under Dr. Prem's guidance, you embark on a path to a revitalized smile that embraces both the artistry and science of advanced dental procedures. all on 6 dental implants cost in india

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