Dude, Where's my Karma
Dude, Where's my Karma

Dude, Where's my Karma

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Sep 29, 2023 (6:00 PM - 10:00 PM)
Metro Comedy Club, Štítného 6, Praha - Žižkov

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Ever had a road trip go so wrong you ended up in a war? Fedor has. And it was the least of his worries. Internationally touring Dutch comedian Fedor Ikelaar, loved by audiences from Kathmandu to Cape Town, tells his Forrest-Gump-like true story of searching for his one true life path, only to find himself in one bizarre adventure after the other; from unintentionally relocating to Nepal to becoming a university teacher of a language he doesn't know. Until finally it all comes to a head in Ukraine. Join Fedor for a wild ride that will have you captivated, emotional… and laughing your socks off. “Next level comedy!” – Kathmandu Times “Jokes that need to be told” – Ukrainian TV “He’s affable, engaging, and delivers a rewarding show that will leave you smiling.”- The Jenny Review “Wonderful performance.” – Patron Review

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