Povaleč 2023 I 17th year
Povaleč 2023 I 17th year

Povaleč 2023 I 17th year

Událost již proběhla
Aug 3, 2023 4:00 PM - Aug 5, 2023 11:59 PM
Valeč v Čechách

Event Detail

On the first weekend in August, the seventeenth year of the Povaleč festival will take place in the beautiful village called Valeč. Once again, Valeč will come alive with a varied cultural programme. Alongside our live and electronic music programme, you can look forward to theatre performances, film screenings, an exhibition, various workshops, lectures and much more!
Ticket information:
Tickets will be available for purchase both through this online presale or on the spot. Entrance to the festival grounds is not free, but we leave the amount you want to contribute up to you. Povaleč was, is and will always be based on recommended entry fee system of admission. The minimum recommended sum is 800 CZK. Those who contribute with at least the recommended amount will receive a commemorative textile wristband and the opportunity to order their Povaleč t-shirt in advance. If you decide to contribute more than the minimum recommended amount, the following bonuses await you with your tickets:
  • 1000 CZK and more – a free drink and free entry to the Valeč castle
  • 1500 CZK and more – 3 free drinks, free entry to the Valeč castle and free access to the festival showers
Like every year, you can also become the king or queen of Povaleč. A special ticket for 3000 CZK includes a deluxe embellished wristband, 3 free drinks, free access to the festival showers, and free entry to the Valeč castle.
Information for ordering T-shirts:
This year we are again offering a limited time opportunity to order your Povaleč t-shirt in advance. Simply click on your chosen ticket + Povaleč t-shirt (this option is listed as a special ticket type in the presale form) and then fill in your name or the name of the person who will be picking up the t-shirt.
In order to make your t-shirts in time, the orders will be open until Friday 21.7. After that, we will send you an order form through which you will be able to choose one of the motifs, size, cut and color of your Povaleč t-shirt. A preview of what the t-shirts will look like (in various colors, of course) can be found HERE. As part of our efforts to be more sustainable, all of the textiles will be made from certified organic cotton.
The price of the t-shirt is 490 CZK.

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