The Scorpio Sessions

The Scorpio Sessions

The Scorpio Sessions

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Nov 10, 2022 7:00 PM - Nov 11, 2022 3:00 AM

Grid Center, Opatovická 18

Event Detail

🎤A new cabaret experience comes to Prague! 🎹

♏︎The Scorpio Sessions is the first event that will feature a variety of performances, artworks, and music for Prague artists!

⚡️For our first session the theme is: SCORPIOS!

♏︎ Scorpios often get a bad wrap. Often the source of astrological jokes for being too passionate. Being born in October/November is always a rough time of year to celebrate or party. It's dark and cold and no one wants to go out! But this year let's be as passionate and extra as we can and celebrate in style! We want to make this session for every Scorpio and Scorpio ally who loves a nice night out with good energy and music!

🎂 If you're a Scorpio and you will attend the event, let us know your birthday in the event discussion!

🚪 Doors open at 19:00

Location: Grid Center, Opatovická 18

Organizer info

    • Julia Ruth Worland
    • +420775994542